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Specialised Products

Sand & Gravel Bags: Sand & Gravel are also available in Ton & 1/2 Ton Bags and can be collected or delivered. The same crane trucks that deliver blocks are used to deliver bags

Concrete Bollards/Kelly Blocks/Lego Blocks

Concrete Bollards have many uses such as creating bays storage and dividing stock piles, traffic management or restricting access/fencing off areas. All our bollards come with lifting pins and can be easily maneuvered. Half bollards are also available. The dimensions of our full size bollards are

Length – 

4 Feet 6 Inches    

(137.16 cm) 


Height – 

2 Feet 3 Inches

(68.58 cm) 


Width –  

2 Feet 3 Inches

(68.58 cm)   


Top Soil Subject to availability we stock Top Soil for delivery or collection.

ESB Approved Compound Stone

Our sister company Gleeson Precast also supply the following specialised Products – Septic Tanks/Treatment Tanks Water Troughs

For further information on these please go to their website at