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Readymix Concrete

Standard Mixes

Our standard mixes are as follows; 10N20, 15N20, 20N20, 25N20, 30N20, 35N20, 37N20,40N20, 45N20, 50N20.

All these mixes are also available with 10mm chippings or pump mixes. Our staff at Gleeson Concrete can advise on the appropriate concrete mix for a particular project. Mixer Trucks with Conveyors are also available and we have a range of truck sizes that can carry 8/9/10m3 loads.

We also have smaller (3 axle) truck that can access restricted or confined sites. Some of our mixer trucks are also fitted with conveyors that aid the placement of concrete. These conveyors are telescopic and can place concrete up to 11m from the rear of the truck.

Admixtures/Fibres can be added if required for specific projects.

Our Concrete is manufactured and certified to European Standard EN 206

Coloured Concrete

HATCRETE coloured concrete bags can be added to concrete if supplied by the customer. The agents for this product are in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.